Who We Are

who we are


Our business focus is to provide general administration and office management services, with an added focus on compliance. In the creative space our services are centred around digital transformation, marketing and communications, enabling the development and growth of brands and companies.

Our Services

The services that we provide range from holistically looking at the client’s needs or fulfilling a specific niche requirement that is needed for them to function optimally.

Business Administration

  • Email Monitoring
  • Call Answering
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Quote and Invoice Preparation
  • Expense Reports
  • Payslips
  • Business Profiles
  • Record Keeping


  • VAT Registration and Returns 
  • Tax Compliance Status Pin
  • UIF Declarations – Letter of Good Standing
  • Regulatory and Developmental Bodies Registration and Renewals

Digital Transformation

  • Domain Registration
  • Email Setup
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Business Cards
  • Company Stationery
  • Social Media Management & Digital Marketing
  • Always Available Business

Ad Hoc

  • Project Management 
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tender Applications
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Access to Networks (Suppliers, Lawyers, Accountants)

While working with SMEs over the years, we observed a common thread with a lot of startups. As they progressed through the initial stages of starting their own business, it seemed that registering a company and opening a bank account were the first, and sometimes, the only steps.

We believe we can add value in bridging this gap to take businesses to the next level, equipping them with the services and resources to reach the level that they may not have been able to reach over time.  What we want to do is set companies up the proper way from the beginning. Making available the necessary resources to make business a bit easier to do. This refers to the back office running of a company.

Our Philosophy


To assist SMEs in building a proper business based foundation, inclusive of the proper processes and structures that are required to run a successful company.


Something as simple as monitoring emails and responding to meeting requests has arisen as a need.

Some clients may not possess the administration skills or perhaps the finances to hire a full-time employee to handle the day to day running of a company. This is where the opportunity exists to create a hub of shared resources to reduce costs, yet fulfill the daily administration needs of running a successful company.

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